Approved Smithells® Professionals

Two messages from Tim and Juliana Smithells:

The ten Approved Smithells® Professionals listed below are the only NZ career professionals trained, skilled and experienced in the use of the Smithells® Career Planning System with 15 - 30 year olds.

All Approved Smithells® Professionals:
  • are skilled in the use of the Smithells® System.
  • provide career counselling of the highest quality;
  • are experienced in working with young people, and
  • work independently.

At certain times of year, because of demand, individual Approved Smithells® Professionals may have wait times of weeks to months..

So, at any one time, one or more Approved Smithells® Professionals may not be in a position to accept new clients.

If your first choice of an Approved Smithells® Professional is not available to provide an appointment in your time frame, please contact another Approved Smithells® Professional.

Below is a current list of the Approved Smithells® Professionals. They are listed north to south by where they are located.

  • Click on a name to access a bio page for that Approved Smithells® Professional.
  • To contact any Approved Smithells® Professional to book or confirm an appointment, or to find out availability and charges, click on that person’s name at the bottom of their bio page.

Approved Smithells® Professional Located in
Hana Lambert Auckland & Bay of Plenty
David Trought Auckland & Hamilton
Heather Trought Auckland & Hamilton
Juliana Smithells Hamilton
Tim Smithells Hamilton
Ewan McLeod Tauranga
Anne McLeod Greater Hawkes Bay & Gisborne regions
Lesley Hooson Nelson, Marlborough, Tasman, West Coast and Canterbury regions
Lynley Soper Southland & Otago regions

When you attend an appointment with an Approved Smithells® Professional, he/she will charge you for the cost of the appointment. The cost of the appointment is paid for separately over and above the charge to do either set of Questionnaires on the Smithells®NZ website.

Click on the name of the Approved Smithells® Professional above to contact or find out more about him/her.

If you need an appointment urgently, or within a specific time period, please state this in your email message to the Approved Smithells® Professional you contact.

If you think you might not be able to get to an Approved Smithells® Professional or you live outside New Zealand, click here


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